Installing TeamViewer on Mobile Devices

Installing TeamViewer app on your devices enables Readysell Staff to remotely connect your device for support purposes. 

Currently, there is no known remote support app such as TeamViewer for Apple iOS devices.

Installing TeamViewer

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Search for Teamviewer
  3. Results should appear as screen below

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  4. Select the TeamViewer QuickSupport Note:  also now install the Host as this will allow you to add it to Readysell account then add the devise to the customers profile

  5. Install the app

  6. Once installed, click on TeamViewer QuickSupport a message will appear

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  7. Click on Download to get the Add-On.

    QS Add-On <Device brandname> will be downloaded.


  8. The Add-On will download.

  9. You can now open TeamViewer QuickSupport

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  10. Click on 'Send my ID', a numeric value in the field 'Your ID' will appear. 

Accepting connection to TeamViewer

  1. Open TeamViewer QuickSupport app, screen will appear 

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  2. Click on Send my ID
  3. A string of digits will appear in Your ID 
  4. Advise Readysell Support of Your ID

    Readysell Support to enter Your ID into the TeamViewer Windows application running on their end to remotely connect to your mobile device.

  5. Verify credential then click on Allow to grant Readysell Support remote access to your device.

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  6. Once the connection has been established, remote control of the device may be required.

  7. You will receive another message requesting for remote control

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  8. Click Allow, a message will display to confirm connection has been successful.

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