WB KL POS SmartFreight setup

  1. Refer to System Type and site setup https://readysell.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RSELL/pages/42795022

  2. Complete Sale Order, Consignment screen pop up and user fill the consignment details.

    Refer to this for similar documentation https://readysell.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RSELL/pages/42795030 or https://readysell.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RSELL/pages/19956176

    Special Note is consignment note to SmartFreight. Any internal note sent from WB KL website to Readysell web order will be included into consignment note to SmartFreight.

    Rules (valid 01/07/2021) :
    a. Sale Order : If Delivery Required and Products sold contains non Gift Voucher (GC)
    b. Web Order: Products sold contains non Gift Voucher (GC)
    (make sure customer address filled completely)


  3. Readysell POS will communicate to SmartFreight and show Delivery Option for user to select.

  4. Normal complete process continue after user select any carrier from Delivery Option pop up.

  5. POS will record the consignment info and user can view from General tab on Order.

    Note. If multiple consignment sent to SmartFreight, only 1 tracking number returned from SmartFreight for all consignments

  6. Readysell Head Office will receive consignment detail and create carrier automatically if not exist.