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Year-end is the conclusion of the 12-month period used for financial and other seasonal reporting. This is probably the date the accounting year ends for your business that which is 30th June of each calendar year.
When running the P&L appropriation, the system creates a new period to stand for the EOY Roll eg e.g. if the period you are rolling is from 201607 - 201706 a period of 201607EOY is created.
The figures for all these cleared postable accounts are totalled and posted to the EOY period.
The value in the field 'Actual Movement' for the EOY period is the sum of all the postings for all periods cleared for the financial period in question.
The value in the field 'Actual Opening' for the EOY period is set to zero
The value in the field 'Actual Opening' for the next financial period after the EOY period is zero.
You can still run reports for each of the periods within that financial year.

The best way to see if a financial year has been rolled , is to go to the chart of accounts list view.
Add the following two columns of, Actual Opening Balance and Clear At year End fields.
Select Clear at Year-end to be True
Select the first period of the next financial year. Eg if you have rolled 201607-201706 select the start and end period for 201707 as the Opening Balance for the P&L accounts should be zero
The opening balance for the Income, Cost and Goods and all expense accounts as long as they are flagged as clear at year-end should have an opening of Zero.

The P&L appropriation roll clears all revenue into the P&L appropriation general ledger account of 52035.
Most of our customers which to review the result in account 52035 and make adjustments eg e.g. dividends. 
The normal procedure is to then journal from 52035 to 52045 retained earnings and including in that journal are often the adjustments. 


The purpose of the P&L Appropriation process is to clear the Income/COGS and Expense accounts so that you are ready for the next year.
If you do not do this, then the profit & loss statement for the new year will have figures and opening balances for income and expense accounts from the previous years included in the new year.


Before you provide you your accountant with any figures and before you run your P&L Appropriation roll, once again double-check that the General Ledger Trial Balance and ensure that it balances. That is the movement value and the closing balance value on the trial balance are $0.00. If not contact Readysell

Please also note, that each financial year has to be run individually.  The system does not run multiple financial years.

Year End Process

  1. Run End of Month Customers. Customers End Of Month Procedure
  2. Create a folder on your main server called eg End of Year 201406
  3. Send the customer trial balance to pdf and save the PDF file in this end of year folder.
  4. Run of End of Month Suppliers . Suppliers End Of Month Procedure
  5. Send the supplier trial balance to pdf and save this PDF file in this end of year folder.
  6. If you are doing Bank Reconcilations, ensure the bankrecs are up to date as at end of that financial year
  7. If you are not running a stocktake as at end of financial year then maybe consider running a stock on hand report :


  1. Customer Trial Balance as at end of that financial period Customer Trial Balance (Summary)
  2. Supplier Trial Balance as at end of that financial period Supplier Trial Balance (Summary)
  3. Stock on hand report as at end of that financial period Stock Report - L018
  4. Bank reconciliation report for each bank account as at end of that financial period
  5. General Ledger Trial Balance General Ledger Trial Balance By Date Range or General Ledger Trial Balance
  6. General ledger Balance Sheet Balance Sheet
  7. General ledger Profit and Loss Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss Appropriation Roll

This Process is not necessarily run at the end of the financial year.

After your profit & loss accounts are finalised for a financial year, you should perform the following procedure to reset your profit & loss account closing balances to zero.