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Loyalty (U Rewards) integration enables the following:

  • WebX to query customer loyalty point balances from Readysell
  • Readysell to download available redeemable products from OneX


The loyalty program will need to be set up in Readysell before integration with Office Brands. See Setting up the loyalty program


  1. Create a new API user called "officebrands" (see Creating a new user for API access)
  2. Send the username and password for the "officebrands" user along with the customer's endpoint URL to, requesting for U Rewards integration to be enabled.


    The customer's endpoint URL is in the format where "x" is the customer's code - available in the "LICENSING" system type.

    When providing store details to Office Brands, simply provide the following and they will use the format/template for earlier stores


    • Lite store identifier you can find on the Readysell Dashboard
    . Its a
    • (hover your mouse over the store names Globe and the code will appear in the bottom left of the screen like this 
      you only need the code followed by a - then number, example circularhead-29181

    • Version 8 Stores you can find the customers code on the dash board also, example PAPERPLUS

    For example

    Readysell Store Identifier:    sos-29196

    User Name:                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Password:                              yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Readysell Version:                 Full or Lite

  3. Office Brands need to turn Points (OFF) for WebX and turn (ON) Loyalty Points for Readysell
  4. Decide the date that you would like Loyalty points to start calculating for customers Readysell will run a process to delete all points and recalculate from this point onwards