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The Print Services section of Readysell automates management of support contracts for major pieces of equipment that remain on a customer's premises.  The print services contract is recorded as a machine in Readysell.  The machine contains key information about the equipment and the support agreement.  Each machine may have many meters.  Meters are used to track equipment usage. Meters can trigger routine service calls, replacement of consumables and periodic invoicing.  Cases track ad hoc service requests in respect to the machine placed by the customer.  Service orders can be generated for machines manually due to equipment failure or a case raised by the customer.  Service orders can also be generated for routine maintenance as specified in the contract.

The workflow is as follows:

  • define a machine (see Creating a new machine)
  • set up meters for the machine (see Conducting a meter count run)
  • generate runs of suggested invoices
  • email or sms the customers requesting meter counts
  • capture actual copy counts into the meter count run via emails received from the machines or returned from customers, or manually enter counts into the meter count run
  • generate invoices from the meter count runs


This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 


Generate Service OrderGenerate a service order from the machine 
Generate Scheduled Service

 Generate a scheduled service from the machine

Create Sale Order

 Create a Sales Order from the machine

Standard Finalise ArrangementsUser can create standard notes for financial. User would select, generate and adjust the financial note as required for each machine
Set Charge PeriodSet the Next Min Charge Run Period and Next Var Charge Run Period to an open period.
This is useful when you need to skip the current charge period and set to the required period. 

Adding a Machine to a Contract from the Machines

When creating or copying a new machine, you can add a contract to this machine by clicking on the action button in the top ribbon 'Add to Contract' and the contract will be prepopulated onto the machine and the machine will be added to the contract as well.

You can also navigate from the machine to the contract by dropping the Show Related action button in the ribbon on Machines and selecting 'Show contract'

From the Contract itself, you can also navigate back to the Machine and Customer.

If you wish to remove the contract from the machine, go to the Contract, click on the Machines Tab, find and highlight the machine, and then click on Delete. See link below

Creating a new machine

Check InvoicingCheck machines last meter charge invoiced period


Machine IDThe machine ID for the machine
NameThis field shows the name of the machine
Start DateThis is the start date for the machine
End DateThe end date for the machine
ProductThis is the product for this machine
CustomerThis is the customer for this machine
AddressThe machine address is the actual physical location of the machine for that customer
Customer ReferenceThe customer's reference
Active Contract

The active contract for this machine

Contact Person

This is the contact person for this machine. Machine contact is required, unless status of the machine is archived

Machine TemplateThe machine template used to create this machine
UserThe technician it automatically goes to if a service order is put in for that machine
TerritoryThe territory the machine falls under in terms of which technician may be looking after that area
Market SegmentHow fast the machine is - segment by speed machine prints.  I.e. 1000 prints per minute (1000ppm)
Service Order TemplateThe service order template linked to this machine for generating service orders from this machine
Serial NumberSelect/add a serial number for this machine
Override Card TypeThe card type of the customer card can be overridden based on a machine instead
Charge ToWho is to get charged for this machine
Is MasterIs this the master machine?  If so, click on the check box to flag it 
For HireIs this machine for hire?  If so, click on the check box to flag it
Meter Charge Overdue To indicate if a machine has any meters overdue for charging 

Last Communication Date

Is a populated date and time for when the last machine meter was done with a count method of "remote Access"

Last Service Order Date

Is a populated date and time for when the service order was conducted against this machine

Meters Tab

NameThis fields show the name of the meter
Meter TypeThis is the meter type for the meter (E.g: Black/white, colour, Hire etc)
Count CycleThis is the count cycle for this meter (how often is it counted)
Parent MeterThis is the parent meter for this meter
Toner PercentageThe toner percentage of the machine at the time the machine was created

Count Inc Service

Average Monthly CountAverage is calculated by months the machines has started to the current meter count month. Then its count inc service divide by the amount of months
e.g If the machine has been active for 10 months and the count inc service is 10000 its 10000/10 = 1000