Machines, contracts and preordered products



Some of the main ways in which machines, contracts and preordered products can interact in respect to pre-paid labour charges are as follows:

    • Any type of labour or any product can be pre-paid
    • Any prepaid products can be:
      • grouped together for billing purposes. So the customer gets one invoice for the pre-paid labour
      • automatically invoiced over any number of months independently
      • used on any sale, any service order, any machine or constrained to only machines on a contract
    • Every case when a prepaid product is used on a service order is listed on the prepaid product and clearly recorded on the service order
    • Access to the pre-paid labour can be limited to a customer
    • Access to the pre-paid labour can also be limited to a contract. So only machines on particular contracts can get access to particular prepaid labour
    • Service orders can use a mix of products that do and products that do not use prepaid labour
    • Prepaid products can be set to invoice over a number of months. But the payment cycle can be completed at any time by clicking a button to charge the balance of the prepaid product, not waiting for the set of expected monthly charges to complete

Pre-ordered Products