Applying standard reports using the "Populate from Presets" Button

Using the "Populate from Presets" button can automatically apply the standard list of reports which are commonly used by most clients for the Readysell 8 program. There are 2 types of report list which provide a Landscape and Portrait version. The two versions of the presets are Back office and Point Of Sale. The Back Office layout are designed for standard workstations which only full size A4 Tax invoices when completing a transaction. The Point of Sale is designed for workstations which will use a receipt printer when completing certain transaction is Readysell 8. These reports will contain criteria which are designed to allow the report to print when it meets a certain condition.

When the presets is applied to the report settings, it will automatically the windows defaults printer as the Print device for all reports. An operator can change the printer devices to any printer which is available in on the local workstation. more report can be added to the list after the presets have been added and the report changed as well. 


Testing workstation report settings on initial set-up (before going live with Readysell)

Once the report settings have been applied to a workstation, it is best practice to test the printing to confirm that prints to the right location for that workstation please use the following steps:

  1. Open a new sales order and apply a customer which is set to "Print immediately" for the Tax invoices (if you have not customer set the "Print immediately", created a test customer with Print immediately set for the tax invoice Method).
  2. Applied a customer order number to the new sales order. Usually applying the word "test",  followed by the workstation and date as to keep track of the workstations that have been already tested.
  3. Apply a product (with quantity on hand) to the sales order line.
  4. Once  applied, click on the Ship button, this will convert into a sale shipment.
  5. On the newly created shipment have been created, click the pick button. if it has been configured to our standard set of reports, a "Picking Slip (with Back Orders)" should be printed to the select printer. 
  6. Once the print out has been confirmed, completed the sales shipment and select tender (If you have a Back Office setup, All tenders will print out an A4 size tax invoice to the selected printer. If it be configured to Point of Sale setup, tenders like Cash and Card, will print a sale docket. if an "Account" tender is selected with a Point of Sale set-up it will produce an A4 tax invoice.

If at any point that print out is printed to the wrong printer,  review the workstation report settings and run the test procedure again until all reports are printing in the right location. An operator can completed further testing by review the reports in the report settings and understanding when the report should according to the criteria.

E.g. Delivery Dockets (No Prices): this report is set to print when the following conditions are met:

  • The status of the order is "Posting" or "Posted".
  • The customer exists on sale shipment.
  • The Customers Delivery Docket Delivery Method on the customer card is set to "Print Immediately", "Print Immediately and Email Immediately (Prompt)" or " Print Immediately and Email Immediately (Background)"

If these conditions are met, a delivery docket should print at the same time as the tax invoice is produced