Setting up "officebrands" API user for Invoice On-demand Upload


Through the "officebrands" API user members now have a choice to upload their invoice via the web as opposed to accessing the "raw" PDF files uploaded nightly from Readysell to Office Brands which leads to significant storage space savings from OB side.


  1. Create a new API user called "officebrands" (see Creating a new user for API access)

  2. Send the username "officebrands" and the generated password and the store's customer code to, requesting for invoice on-demand upload to be enabled.

    The customer code is available in the "LICENSING" system type.

  3. Go to Administration>Advanced>Tasks, select "Office Brands End of Day Sync"
  4. Click "Parameters" tab
  5. Set the "InvoicesAvailableViaApi" entry to "True" to enable invoice on-demand upload via API and disable the nightly upload of the "raw" PDF files to Office Brands

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  6. Click Save

    Once Office Brands have enabled the API user settings at their end, you can test a log in for one of the store's users (web id's) on the web if you get a password to go with it and then try to open the invoice on the website.