Inserting and linking images on templates used for sending individual emails


Email defaults are used to define the template used when sending individual emails from Readysell. The default includes the structure of the subject line and the contents of the email itself.

This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 

This page covers how you can customise the template by inserting images and linking them to your web site. This is a convient way to market to customers. It is recommend to limit the file size of the images as it can impact on time taken to send the images in the email.


  1. From the navigation panel click on Administration then click on Email Batch Defaults

  2. Select the email batch default you would like to customise (for example, "Statements")

  3. In the "Template" area, put your mouse cursor in the place where you would like the image to appear.

  4. Open the Insert tab on top ribbon. 
  5. Click the  icon
  6. Click Browse...
  7. Find the image you'd like to insert on your PC, then click Open
  8. Click OK
  9. Click on the image in the template.
  10. Click the  icon
  11. Paste in the URL you would like to link to
  12. Click OK
  13. Click Save