Setting up of a Non Stock Product Category that is a form of a service


There are a fews steps involved in setting up a Non Stock Product Category and assigning a different General Ledger Account.

The set up example below is for a Restocking Fee.


Setup of the General ledger Account

Firslty work out where in the chart of accounts. Eg restocking fee falls under Cost of Goods, however if you wish to track money received for levy from schools that would be in the liability section etc.

  1. Set up the General Ledger Account to stand for the Restocking Fee eg 62037
  2. Log onto Readysell>Financials>Accounts>List View
  3. Go to the area of the chart that begins with 620
  4. Highlight one of the accounts eg 62030 and click on Copy in the top ribbon
  5. Change the account to be 62037
  6. Change the Description to be Restocking Fee
  7. Click on Save

Setup of the Product Category 

  1. Log onto Readysell>Administration>Product Categories
  2. Firstly check to see if the category exists in the Non-Stock Products area. If it does check it, if it doesnt then add it
  3. Click on Non-Stock Products and click on NEW

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  4. Insert the Name = Re Stock Fee 
    Parent Category = Non Stock Products
    Description = Re Stocking Fee
    Category Type = Non Stock Products 

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  5. On the Accounts tab add the general ledger account you just set up for restocking fee 62037 to the Sales Field.
    If there is a cost on the restocking fee you may wish to break that up to a different general ledger account or have it go in and out of 62037.
    In that case you would add the appropriate gl account to the cost of goods sold field and the sold stock field or use 62037 in both of these fields otherwise leave it blank.
    By leaving all other fields blank in the Accounts sections the system will dissect against the general ledger accounts that are assigned to the Parent on Non Stock Products Category

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  6. Click on the General Tab and decide which Costing Method you wish to use. Normally for restocking fee it is set to NONE. This is totally up to you

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    Click on Save

 Set up the Product 

  1. Log onto Readysell>Inventory>Products
  2. Click on New
    Productid = RestockingFee
    Category (select) = Restock Stocking Fee from the Non Stock product category that you just set up
    Name = Restocking Fee
  3. Click on the Tab of Settings
    Tax Code Buy = INP
    Tax Code Sell = GST
    Check all other settings and turn all flags off

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    Check all other settings on the other tabs

  4. Click on Save and Close