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Key features

  • Readysell's loyalty system rewards customers for their continuing business.
  • Customers accumulate loyalty points by buying products, and can then redeem free products once they have accumulated sufficient loyalty points.
  • Readysell displays the loyalty balance on documents received by the customer (such as invoices and POS dockets) and on the web. By doing so we keep reminding customers about the value added by the loyalty system.
  • Loyalty point rates can be automatically imported from catalogues, saving you setup time.
  • Customers can use your website to redeem loyalty points and receive their free products.
  • There is a wide range of customisations and other options available to give you full control over your loyalty system.
  • Loyalty points optionally expire after a specified number of days if they are not used

This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 

Turning on the loyalty system, best practice is to get help from Readysell

  • You can setup the loyalty system yourself using the documentation below.
  • Best practice is to budget on two hours Readysell time to help you setup the loyalty system. You will be charged for the time, but Readysell will Readysell can help you as follows:
    • You need to contact Readysell and have us turn on the loyalty system for you. Once Readysell has turned on the the loyalty system, it will not start working for you until the next working day. (Note, Readysell sets up the loyalty program as follows:  Setting up the loyalty program)
    • You then have to decide which customers you want include in the loyalty system. Then let Readysell know which customers you want included. Common options include:
      • All customers (Recommended) or
      • All customers on a price level, for example all customers on government pricing
      • All customers with a card type.
    • Decide if you want to vary the points customers receive for particular product categories and related child product categories
    • Decide on the number of days before loyalty points automatically expire
    • Review samples of the loyalty figures on POS dockets, sale invoices etc. So that you are in the best possible position to communicate the benefits of those loyalty features to your own customers.
    • Readysell will then help you check to see if the customers that are currently setup to get loyalty points agree to your requirements. We will then show you how to make any required adjustments. See: