Setting up tenders to be restricted to certain transaction types

Setting transaction types against a tender links the tender back to the transaction type. This allows you to use a tender only on specific transaction types. If you do not set up any transaction types, the tender will be available for all transactions.

The link between tenders and transaction types can be set up either from the tender or the transaction type. You only need to set this up in the one spot. Either assign the tender to the transaction type or assign a transaction type to the tender.

  1. Click on Insert with 'Available Transaction Types'
  2. Type in Part of the Transaction Type and click on Enter
  3. A list of codes is display
  4. Highlight one of them and either double click or click on OK to draw it to the screen
  5. If there are more than 1 transaction types that can be used for this tender repeat the process from step 1 through to 4
  6. Once you have finished the set up for the tender click on Save and close

Continue inserting next tender method by repeating from steps 3 onwards.