Build and Release Readysell Mobile Android

Build Android apk
1. Android apk should meet minimum requirement by Google Play (if need to upload to Google Play for release)

2. Change the min max framework on Android solution


3. Build Readysell Android from pipeline (build use Readysell Apple Mac - Apple Development)


Build Readysell Android from local solution :

as per 10/05/2023 : Minimum is Android 12 (APK 31) and VS 2019 max Android version is 11

*Settings :

Version and Version Code :


Configuration : Release

Build :

*Generate apk by right-click on Android solution : Select Archive
*View apk generated by right-click on Android solution : View Archive


Upload to Google Play :

  1. Release Android App from Pipelines (Create Release if not available yet)


  2. If successful, the apk uploaded from Pipelines into Google Play account :

  3. Login into Google Play (credential in LastPass), Select Readysell Mobile


  4. Uploaded apk would be in Closed Testing : Beta.
    *Tested available to see who eligible to get this Beta apk
    *Review if any error or mandatory requirement to follow (i.e. Age restriction, Ads, etc)

    or Upload manually and if error pops :

    Rebuild again with this Fixed :

  5. To release, click Promote Release : Production

  6. Fill Release notes (assumes Release name, apk, and other requirement are pre-fill and valid)

  7. Review Release and continue to release.

Manual upload to Readysell website :
1. Download apk and save to local computer

[Build from pipeline]
*Select Android App pipeline
*Select Build pipeline stage

*Select artifact

*Download apk from drop folder


[Build from solution]

*Get apk from View Archive

2. Upload apk from local computer to Readysell Azure storage : Readysell : android-mobile-app

3. Copy link from apk uploaded and paste on Readysell website WordPress builder : Pages : Mobile Apps