Creating a contract for all customers and all products



  1. From the Navigation panel
  2. Click on Relationships
  3. Click on Contracts
  4. Click on button New (or Create, then New depending on what screen resolution you have)
  5. Key in the Name of the contract
  6. Key in the long Description of the contract
  7. Leave Workflow Status as InActive (at this point)
  8. Select the Start Date for this contract
  9. Select the End Date for this contract
  10. On the products tab, turn ON the flag for All Products
  11. Select the Contract Price Type
  12. Fill in the relevant fields according to the contract price type
  13. On the Cards tab, turn ON the flag for All Customers
  14. Check you are happy with the contract the way that it is
  15. Click on Workflow Status drop down and select Active
  16. Click on button Save and Close.

This contract is now up and running.