Supplier Payment Runs


Supplier payment runs can automatically generate a batch of suggested Supplier Open items ready to be paid based on the selected payment criteria when you extract the open items into the batch and Supplier remittances can be automatically be emailed to those suppliers.
You can also extract a ABA file or BPay file if you have this set up. 

Getting Started



Refer to Common Buttons

Set Payment DefaultsSet the default data to be used for any payments generated from this payment run being the Tender, Description and Payment Reference. You can choose to override the existing data.
Generate PaymentsGenerate the suppliers payments defined in this payment run

Extract Open ItemsExtracts the Open Items that will be generated from the Selection Box into the Payment Run

Generate Email BatchExtract a batch of Supplier Remittances for the suppliers that are flagged to 'Auto Email Remit' and have at least one contact set up with 'Account Receivable' ticked

Print RemittancesYou can also choose to print remittances that are not set to email or all remittances within the batch
Generate FileIf you have been set up to Generate a ABA file or BPay file by selecting this action button you can save the file and then upload into the bank.




The type of transaction (SUPSUG (Payment Run))


The transaction number of the Supplier Payment Run


A Status is update feature on any entry/transaction made within readysell.


The date and time (local to the workstation) when the action took place.
Date of PaymentThe Date you wish to date this payment run usually being the date you are going to actually make the payment
Payment ValueThe total payment value for the entire payment run for the suppliers flagged to be paid not including Credits and not including open items that are flagged as 'In Dispute'

Suppliers tab



SupplierSupplier Card Id and Supplier Name
TenderTender used to make the payment
DescriptionReference best describing the payment run
Payment ReferenceUsually your Account Code with the Supplier or a manually entered payment reference to identify who the payment is from
BalanceBalance owing to the supplier based upon the extract criteria selected including any type of Supplier Credits.
Payment ValueThe payment value about to be generated for each supplier based up the sum of the open items flagged to be paid not including supplier credits and not including open items that are flagged as 'In Dispute'.  It is up to the user when the credits are to be accounted for. 
Supplier.Auto Email RemittanceIf ticked the supplier has been set to email remittance. If unticked the supplier has not been flag to email remittance.
Supplier.Account Receivable Person.Email AddressThe contact email address that has been set to 'Accounts Receivable'
Supplier.Supplier Primary Bank Account.Bank Account BSBBSB number for the supplier payee bank details. Needed if you wish to use and generate a ABA file
Supplier.Supplier Primary Bank Account.Bank Account NumberBank account number for the supplier payee bank details. Needed if you wish to use and generate a ABA file
Supplier.Supplier Primary Bank Account.Is Supplier Primary AccountIf Bank Payee details are set up you need at least 1 primary bank account flagged in order to use the ABA file.

Detail Area

Open Item DateThe date and time of each open item flagged for payment for that supplier
Open Item ValueThe $value for each open item for that supplier
AgeEither Current, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days or 120 Days for that open item.
Transaction TypeThe transaction code
External TransactionThe transaction code
Open Item Transaction NumberThis field contains a unique transaction number that identifies the open item
BalanceBalance of the open item for that supplier including any Supplier Credits 
Payment ValueThe payment value for each open item line. This can be part paid. Credits are to be taken up manually
Payment DiscountDiscount Value that applies to each open item or the discount value you wish to apply to an open item
Open Item DescriptionUsually the Suppliers Invoice Number or reference number
DueThe date the open item is due for payment. Calculated by the Payment terms assigned to the supplier card.
In disputeThis field can be populated onto the view. If this open item field 'Indispute' is flagged as True (ticked), then this open item is not part of the Payment value but will be included in the Balance owed to the supplier. 
Please note, If you tick an open item to be Indispute after you extract a supplier payment run, you must re-extract the supplier payment run again.
Please note, if the open item is flagged for 'InDispute', it is best practice that if you wish to pay this open item, that you take the Tick Off and manually enter the Payment value.

Due OverrideIf this field has a date it in, which is inserted manually by the user, then this field is considered over the due date field within a supplier payment run

General tab

SiteCustomer site in relation to the supplier payment run
PeriodThe period in which the supplier payment run occurred in.
Payment Term Payment Term ID used as one of the filters in the Extract Open Items
Due Date

The date the payment is going to be made.

Auto Finalise FlagTrue = Payment run has been Posted False = Payment run is still open

Supplier Payments

Payment ReferenceThe payment reference for the supplier payment
Transaction Number The open item number generated for the payment for this supplier
Date The date of the payment
Supplier The supplier cardid and name
Charge To The supplier charge to
DescriptionThis field contains a description of the supplier payment if field in on the payment run