Selling products and using points to pay for them

  1. Add in the customer card to the sale

  2. Add in product/s to sale lines. 

  3. Then add in product called POIRED which is used for points redeemed/redemption,

  4. select yes to redeem points when prompted,

  5. POIRED product / Qty needs to be set to the number of loyalty points you want to be redeemed on this sale

  6. POIRED sale line Disc shows as 100%

  7. POIRED sale line Value is $0.00. 

  8. Add in product to sale lines POIPUR (this product has no loyalty points on it)

  9. POIPUR sale line Qty needs to be set to -1,

  10. Set the price inc for product POIPUR to be the same as the total of the product lines (see field Value Inc Tax for that $ value) so value inc tax on the POIPUR sale line is value but in negative. 

  11. Total value of sale should be $0.00. 

  12. Complete sale, you will not be prompted for a tender, SALINV window, tender tab will show no tender as no tender was required for $0.00 sale.