Selling products and U-Rewards card/s to a customer and redeeming loyalty points for the card all in the one sale

  1. Add a customer to a new sale

  2. Add the product/s and also U-Reward card/s to the sale lines

  3. When prompted on the U-Reward card/s to redeem for points select yes.  

  4. Normal products will have prices and value incs as normal

  5. U-Rewards card/s sales lines will each have a quantity of 1

  6. Discount for the U-Rewards card sale lines will show 100% discount

  7. Each sale line value for each R-rewards card/s will show as $0.00

  8. Complete and tender off the sale as usual

  9. Loyalty points will add to the sale for the normal products

  10. Points will reduce for the U-Rewards cards purchase on the same sale