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  • the correct territories being setup properly as sales and/or service territories
  • Readysell users being setup as sales persons or technicians
  • The sales person users or technician users being added to the list of uses for the correct territory
  • Sales performance reporting relies on customers being added to the list of customers for the correct territory 
  • Technician performance reporting relies on the machines being added to the list of machines on the correct  service territory

First, setup the required users as sales persons or technicians

Child pages (Children Display)


  1. From the Navigation panel, click Administration>Territories

  2. Expand
    titleShow me


    From the list view, select an existing territory code to update and save the change.

  3. Click  on the top menu to add a new territory code
  4. Enter Code and Description
  5. Check the  box as required 
  6. Click  on the User tab to add sales persons or technicians for that territory. 
  7. Warning

    Technician and sales performance reporting will not work properly unless you put the correct users for your technicians and sales persons on the correct territory!

    titleShow me..

  8. Check  box as required


    Optional is the ability to add Cards, Budgets and Note to a territory

  9. Click  to save the change.