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Customer WebX / ESB Password:

API username

API Password

API url

Please supply the following:

  • Office Brands Store Identifier
  • WebX Store ID
  • Catalogue Filter ID (which is the Web Filter ID on the Site's integration tab)
  • List Web Price Level ID
  • Cost Web Price Level ID
  • Government Web Price Level ID

  • sell1 through to sell8 Web Price Level IDs
  • Make sure that Office Brands has a Category set up to be called Store Products.  If there are more than 1 website for more that one site owned by the same owners where Readysell is set up to be one program 2 databases, that the category Store Products sits in exactly the same position as the Store Products category on the primary site.  Otherwise you will wind up with problems at the store with products not uploading and Failing.
  • Member Code

  • AWS Bucket Directory

  • FTP Directory

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