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  • Add the pricing into the products for this price level.
    This can be done manually or automatically through a task depending on how the pricing on this new level is to be calculated.
  • For each of those products that are to have a price in this price level, they¬†will also need the flag turned on for Display On Website

Step 3

If you want this pricing to be loaded up to the website, Readysell will need to obtain


  • a Web Price Level Code (for price levels s1 - s8 - must be lower case s)¬†from Office Brands head office, even if your pricing level already only exists on the web.
    • Those codes then need to be applied to that pricing level in Administration, Price Levels.
  • a Web Price Level ID - long numbered id that lines up to the web price level code above

Step 4 - only if your price level is to override list pricing on the web