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Navigation Panel > Inventory > Products > button Office Brands drop down

Send To Web

You can send Store products to the web so that you can display on the web and sell your own products.

Office Brands products should be on the web already, placed on there by Office Brands.

You can use Send To Web to do the following:

  • send store products and pricing to the web

  • send store pricing for Office Brands products to the web

  • removing store products from the web


You can use the Hide/Unhide to do the following:

  • Hide Office Brands products regardless if they are Obsoleted or active Catalogue products to stop your customers from buying products you don’t wish to stock or buy in for one off sales

  • Unhide Obsoleted products that you wish to continue selling even though Office Brands may have obsoleted them

  • Unhide active Catalogue products you may have previously hidden

Map Key From WebX

This is only used for new products you create if you manually want to push through a mapping from the Office Brands end to the product in Readysell to make the sync process faster and make the sending of product pricing faster.