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The Readysell store lets our user community share and comment on reports, screen layouts, import/export layouts and other items that users build on their own Readysell systems. 


Key Features

  • The Readysell store can be accessed from the Readysell 8 toolbar menu
  • If you publish a report or other item to the store.  You can change the name other users see and add some comments.  You can always remove any item that you published from the store
  • Any Readysell user with appropriate security, at your site, can download new community created features onto your Readysell system from the Readysell store.  If you see a good screen layout, report, import layout etc. just download it via the Readysell Store button.
  • Users can rate the items they download.  If you see something on the store with good feedback and a five star rating, why not download it and improve your Readysell installation.
  • Currently the Readysell store only includes community contributions.  Over time we will be expanding the number of and type of community contributions that can be added to the store.
  • We may add additional paid items to the Readysell store at some time in the future.  But that is not being considered at this point in time.

This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 


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