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You can add any number of custom fields to customers, suppliers, and products. Then use those custom fields to track anything you want. Like customers that get manual catalogues and how many you have sent them.  But they first must be set up in Custom Fields first of all to be selectable in modules on the Custom Fields tab.


  1. In the navigation panel, go to Administration then Custom Fields.
  2. Click New to create a new custom field. The New Custom Field screen displays as per below.

    titleShow me

  3. Enter the following fields:
    • Name is the name of the field. This will appear where the field is shown.
    • Custom Field Group allows you to add the field to a field group. NOTE: this is not currently something used in the system and we recommend not using this field.  Refer documentation: Custom Field Group System Type
    • Field Type is the type of field - format of the field. The following types are available:
      • Boolean is a true/false choice.
      • The Date field is a date.
      • Decimal is a number with decimal places (e.g. 2.50)
      • Integer is a whole number with no decimal places (e.g. 2)
      • Text is a text field.
    • Tick Required Field if you wish to make this field mandatory.


      If Required Field is checked to indicate the custom field is mandatory then staff will need to be informed/trained on its usage as well as what to key in to avoid potential confusion when the validation error message pops up advising input for the field is required.

    • Tick Include in Cube to include this field in cubes.
  4. In the Custom Field Applies section, specify where this custom field applies, using the following procedure:
    1. Click New to create a new row. The Custom Field Applies screen displays.

      titleShow me

    2. Select the location where you want the field to apply. You can apply a custom field to Cards, Products or Machines.
    3. Repeat the process to define as many applications as you wish.
  5. When you have finished, click Save.
    • If your field appears on Cards, it will be available immediately for new and existing cards in the Custom Fields tab.
    • If your field appears on Products or Machines, it will be available for new records immediately in the Custom Fields tab. but will be copied to existing records overnight.