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  1. In Readysell, find an existing store product and either add or change its image.
  2. Save the product.
  3. Run the task Office Brands End Of Day Sync to upload the image. (This task is scheduled to run at the end of each day around 8:00PM.)
  4. Open up Web Admin using the logon details for the site (the logon details is stored in the customer's Recon under WebSphere entry of the Logins tab).
    • Going into Web Admin proves that the action of sending is working from Readysell's point of view as new products being sent to the web do not automatically appear on the customer's website.
  5. Select Products.
  6. Find Catalog Entries.
  7. Key in the product code into the Code field, and make sure the field next to it reads as Matches containing.
  8. Click Find.
  9. Check that the new image appears on the Images tab.
  10. Log out of Web Admin when you have finished with it.
  11. Check the Office Brands Message window in Readysell 8 to confirm that the message has been sent.
  12. Check the Office Brands Message window a short while later for a success or failure message.

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