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The Administration section of Readysell lets you change various aspects of how the system operates. Depending on your role within Readysell, you may not have access to all of the following options.

Some of the key areas in administration that your project leader will need to understand include:


  • People that can log onto your system. One required for each staff member. 


  • The ways you will group security and access controls for your staff. 

POS Operators 

  • In system references. A three digit number used to log onto pos. 


  • Used on products. Like departments. Control your general ledger interface from transactions. 

Manual Update Live To Test (Project Leader)

To copy live to test: 

  • Select Administration  
  • Advanced 
  • Tasks 
  • Generate Test Database 
  • Click on the green run task now button at the top of the window. 


Be careful when changing data within this section, as some changes may have very far-reaching effects. If you are not sure about a change, please contact Readysell.