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Note: Suburbs and Post Codes are imported from the Australia Post Website, If there is a Suburb or Post Code that is not available in the list please contact Readysell.

  1. From the Navigation panel

    Double click

    , click on "Administration"

    Click then click on "Suburbs"

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    The Suburbs browse window opens

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  3. There are 3 country options currently available.  Each country has a list of suburbs available to it
  4. Left click on the right arrow to expand the list down the page

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  5. When you left click on any one of those suburbs, the information about the suburb will display on the right hand side.Image Removed
  6. To create a new suburb, click on button New
    1. The Suburb entry window appears

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    2. Key in the Name of the suburb
    3. Key in the State in which the suburb is
    4. Key in the Post Code to the suburb
    5. Use the drop down box to select the Country to which the suburb is in
    6. (Not compulsory) - Key in any Comments you wish to add to this suburb.
  7. Click on button Save and Close to save this suburb into the system reference file.
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